by Peel

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Peel, "Peel"
BOO 1218

Peek-A-Boo Records
PO Box 49542
Austin, TX 78765

Thanks to Travis Higdon, For Those Who Know, Happy Families, Chico Jones, Laurie Gallardo at KUT, KVRX Local Live, KOOP, Michael Thomas and Orlando Torres at KRTU.


released April 1, 2007

Recorded and engineered by Rick Vehsalge, assisted by Derrick Chaney & Chico Jones at The Launchpad in Austin, Texas, February and April 2006. Mastered by Jim Wilson, October 2006. All songs by Peel, performed by Peel.

Christie Cahoon
Derrick Chaney
Allison Moore
Josh Permenter
Dakota Smith

Produced by Peel Doubt Drinking Makes Perfect Music
Executive Producer: Adam Mathes

Design: Phillip Niemeyer (Double Triple)
Photos: Robert Scales, Rachel Johnson, Dakota Smith's cell


tags: rock Austin


all rights reserved


Peel Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Oxford
If I had my way I'd demolish every building of rock polished to shine so bright like headlights in the day time
All these cigarette butts are bullshit, he said i said get used to it its how i tell time, ive been here four hours, so its five fifty-five
If i could label my affliction, i would call it an addiction to dictionaries and defining things using letters between you and
I don't care for blonde hair but i brought your shirt back again and i wasn't a fan of this band, when i caught them with my last girlfriend
We'd have a party if she'd just go away
Track Name: Bells
it's never fast its always slow
i haven't made up my mind

but when i do you'll be the first to know
why you always giving out, always gotta skip out
always giving up

now the leaves have changed, and fallen to the ground i have to let you know

i can't wait around im gonna have to drift again, drifting drifting

i guess ill wait and see
24 36 im getting old
im falling down like snow

i don't know right now
i don't know right now
Track Name: In The City
in the city windsor knots are knocking you off of the sidewalk
droves storming down the sidewalk
when you're living in the city they've got girls, girls in golden stilettos
who never stop to say hello when they're locking into line

good bye to the neon tambourines hello city machine
seeing every different color of jean
and you wake up in the evening, your neighbors they never know that you're right

but you got a million reasons to fight

when you're living in the city sundown lights up drive west walk left bus stop green go eyes open so you can hurry along with the people in the city

so long to those dusty roads and windy sheets in the summer

heat breathing back off your neck
and you drive home in the morning
the clicking clock, staring you down as you hurry along, and you know when the sun goes down you'll be gone
Track Name: Sliding Doors
well you slam and cuss and you slam the sliding door
but it gets stuck in the track
and you wonder is she ever coming back

shes got things to do shes furgot about you
and the habit that you lack
and you think boy you better get lost while you can
so you go to the races and you place it all on mr. red

and now you're living out of a little hotel room on new york avenue
curled up in a blanket by the pool
you're the owner of an untamed heart its true
but everything you do is gonna come back to haunt you

oohhhhhhhhhh i can't live like no more oh no
i got to make a change, i gotta stand up and fight and fight it

i'm gonna start living the right way
i'm setting my mind on someday
i'm set in my mind
Track Name: Workers, Wake Up!
tight rope walking next to freeways this blue collar won't fall easily workers, wake up! under whispers static on the buzz discretely decapitated is the one who walks without looking flashing red lights zip it up in quiet places careful with your anxiety flattery is for the one who seeks the lucid answers that are lodged in asphalt pig slop markets pushed on freeways trample him down
Track Name: 1949
standing in line waiting to check out the book
that you forgot to get last week left on shelf forty-nine
and they've got crimes that you'll never rediscover
and there've been times i thought i'd never recover

searching for files waking up the letters
you forgot to send last week through mail box market with trumpet line
and for a while i thought i could never love her
cause there've been times i thought i'd never recover

and you're wandering around now
looking everywhere for anything that could be a clue
do you really think someone is watching you?
Track Name: Moxie Blues
her name was crazy daisy and she wore it like it never wore out
she was on an upper echelon like blonds in salons curating proms

and i cant decide i got so many lines i was use
and she's the sweetest thing ive ever seen i wanna use

she wears a sign that says collapse when you see here appear in the door
your legs turn into liquor but she wants you to get out on the floor

and i can't decide whether to run or hide i wanna do
and i see her in my mind and i feels so fine yes every time it do

panhandling introductions looking for love and satisfaction
and the carbon monoxide slides into those moxy loaded lungs
and i cant decide i got so many lines i wanna do
Track Name: Love Soaked In Blood
i see the sun separating
gun points through the center of town
regals rising in the meadow
they dont see whats about to be like love soaked in blood
and as the convertible leads the parade the flagship scuttles behind

someones gonna pay for this
shes never satisfied
scopes holes pin the convertable
and sure enough its painted red
and now the meadow's filled with raspberries splattering into the sun like love soaked in blood

the only thing that you have to remember is to never volunteer

i'm rain dripping from the ceiling, i'm never satisfied
i'm rain dripping from the ceiling, i'm never satisfied
Track Name: Someone's Cousin
time to get lucky i don't think so
learning to blend in like a light blue background
sometimes i think your life must be based on a true story
and it isn't a party if it happens every night
something is rotten but i forgot what
by the shape of your brow you must be someone's cousin
here they start coming white belt brigade is laying around
now you start again telling the same story
again and again and again and again and again
Track Name: Tejax
texas can't hold him so it's back to california
you can bet by the time she gets home he'll be gone, so long as he's lucky, so long
he's got a fix his air conditioner his bedroom hasn't been as cool since she was last here
and when she left she used his favorite door
hesitation brake lights on and the highway's got the shoulder she'll cry on
los angeles will fill full her wishes
pilots kissing actresses she was so ambitious
and she's lucky to be acting so oh well
ex girlfriend sex is now exclusive just to texas
but that's not what i called for
Track Name: Navy Waves
navy waves are slaving to the shore, the boats four oars are getting sore
cobblestones are forming in the sky, lying on your back you can see them pass by

when luella from pella says hello i glow
insects stay in summer and drown in the sun
a pixelated picture of a tree
and probably some flowery imagery